The Top Five Things You Need for the Perfect 30th Birthday

This weekend will be close to three months since I celebrated my 30th birthday.


If you are approaching your 30th, or want to start planning early, today I share with you the top five things you need for a perfect birthday.

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8 Adults, 3 Cans of Bug Spray, 1 Trailer – Adventures in Camping

This past weekend I went on my first camping trip! OK, it was a little closer to glamping than roughing it, but it was a ton of fun either way. My friends and I had casually discussed going to Knoebels a few months ago and I decided to take the reigns to make it happen.

So with my irrational fears of bugs and bears and snakes aside, with my husband and six of our closest friends, we ventured to Catawissa, PA to share a trailer for three days.

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