Be Our Guest – Free Wifi Template

My husband and I lived in an apartment for 5 years and throughout the entire time we lived there, our guests’ wifi access involved a crumbled piece of notebook paper with a 16 character nonsensical password scribbled on it.

It was embarrassing. I’m not proud of it.

Now that we live in our house, I wanted to make a point to make our guests feel welcome and to make it easier for them to access our wifi.


Now that we have a little more room, we are able to have friends and family come stay with us to visit. I put together this template for a 5″x7″ print and not only am I sharing it with all of you, I am letting you in on one of my favorite social media secrets–Canva!

You can use Photoshop or your preferred program, but not everyone has this program or feels comfortable using it. I will be sharing how to use Canva to personalize your sign.

1 – Click the image below to open it and right-click to save this free template.

Be Our Guest WiFi Template

2 – Go to and create a free account.

3 – Create your design by selecting Tumblr Graphic in the Social Media Posts section. You are ready to start designing!

4 – On left side of the screen, choose Uploads and upload the template you just downloaded from this blog post.


5 – Click on the image and it will be added to your design. Adjust the sizing to make the image fit the entire white box.


6 – On the left hand side, you will also see the Text tab. Click on it and select the “Add a little bit of body text” option to add your name and password. You will add text for the name and password separately.


7 – The text will automatically be black. You can adjust it to white and change the font to your preference. Be sure to position each under the appropriate heading.


8 – Once you are happy with how it looks, it is time to download your wifi sign! Download in either JPG or PNG.


9 – You did it! You can either choose to print at home or wherever you order your prints. I ordered a 5″x7″ print from Target.

10 – Put your image in a frame and place it somewhere in your home where guests will be able to see it.


Now get started on your new wifi sign! Your guests will thank you 🙂


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