Pop Your Pup – AKA: This Coolest Gift Ever

I have no idea how I found this company, but I am so glad I did.  Pop Your Pup creates a pop art versions of your pet photo and puts it on a shirt. Genius.


In December, I ordered a Christmas gift from Pop Your Pup for my sister-in-law. It may have been the best gift I gave this past year.

First you select the shirt you would like them to print it on. They offer ladies, mens and youth sizes in various styles.

Next, upload a photo of your pet. Don’t let the company name fool you. They will design a shirt with a photo of your dog, cat or other pet. But no humans.

The photo you submit must be an up-close, clear image of your pet without humans in it. This is what they do, and they do it well, so don’t question it.

Here is a photo of my sister-in-law’s dog, Betty, that I submitted for her shirt. She’s so freaking cute. Feel free to check out her Instagram @bitchinbetty!


The coolest thing about the process is the fact that you will receive a proof from the designer in a few days and you can suggest any edits or color changes you think are necessary. My proof came back perfect, but they were super-into getting feedback to get it just right.

This is the pop art version of Betty. Isn’t this amazing?


My order arrived in about a week to ten days. I wrapped her shirt with a framed print of the photo I sent to Pop Your Pup. When she opened it up she literally cried. Damn that gift was good.


Throughout December I couldn’t stop talking about this awesome gift idea and now I’m sharing it with all of you.

I can’t wait to get a dog, just to immortalized them on a t-shirt. I highly recommend this as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays or Mondays. Your recipient will love it!

**This post was not sponsored by Pop Your Pup. 


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