Dollar Store Chalkboard

I stumbled across this DIY on Pinterest and it looked so easy I had to try it! All you need is a plastic tray from the dollar store to create this cute chalkboard!


I saw this project on a list of dollar store DIYs, but this tutorial comes from the Love of Family and Home blog.

What you need:

  • plastic tray from the dollar store
  • chalkboard paint
  • gesso
  • chalk pen
  • acrylic paint in your color of choice
  • paint brush


More and more I find myself going for the Martha Stewart Crafts brand of paints as they seem to keep their consistency and last longer, but feel free to use your preferred brands for this project.

I like to use gesso on surfaces like this as a base coat so the paint can better adhere to the object. I used it on the outside, “frame” part of the tray, but then ended up selecting a very similar color to paint it, so I could probably have skipped this part–but it may be useful to you!


Once your tray is primed, paint the outside frame in the color of your choice and, once dry, paint the inside with your chalkboard paint. Below you can see what it looked like after a coat or two of paint. CB_IG2

Once it dries, you can write whatever you choose with your chalk pen. I discovered chalk pens when creating chalkboards for my wedding and I will never use regular, old chalk again!

I liked the phrase from my inspiration for this project, so I stuck with it and wrote it out freehand. I can see a version of this for Valentine’s Day, Spring and really any occasion. Hell at $1 a tray, why not?


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