Warby Parker Review

My fellow four-eyed friends may feel the same way I do when it comes to buying glasses. It’s exciting to buy new frames because they say so much about your personality and help shape how you present yourself to others.

However, going to an office or retail location to pick out your glasses can be overwhelming. There are so many frames, but not necessarily the style you are looking for. Then there’s that awkwardness while they wait for you to try and re-try the same frames.

Photo Sep 19, 6 13 57 PM

As with most items, I prefer to only purchase, or at least browse, online. There’s no pressure and I can do it in yoga pants and not have to pretend I’m on my way to the gym.

About three years ago I bought my glasses through Coastal online. I had a good experience, but it was a little nerve-racking. You upload your photo and virtually “try-on” the glasses. However, I could never seem to get the image quite right, I held my breath and pressed “purchase”:and luckily they came out great.

I’ve been super curious about Warby Parker and decided to try it out so I could share my experience with all of you! Their process is a little bit different, which was the biggest reason I wanted to try it out. You go on their website and pick out five frames that you like and they send them to you with glass lenses to try on. For free. You try them on in your own home and then send them back when you’ve made a decision. For free. Really, what is the risk?

Photo Sep 02, 10 00 01 PM

I got my try-on frames within a couple of days and I could not wait to try them on! The packaging is so exciting and inviting.

I picked five similar-style frames, in different shapes and sizes. I had my heart set on a light brown frame and was not surprised that I immediately fell in love with the light brown frames I received.

Photo Sep 02, 10 01 17 PM

What do you think?

Photo Aug 29, 10 44 47 AM

I sent the samples back with the label they provided and hopped online and ordered them. They even offer an option to have them call your eye doctor for you to get your prescription. I could have put my own in, but I thought I would try this out to see what it was like (and share with all of you!) While it made the ordering process easier, it did add extra time to my order. In the future, I may not do this again.

Photo Sep 19, 6 14 41 PM

1 – Convenience: You can search for frames and try them on in your home when you have the time. There is no rush to make a decision, like there is in the store.
2 – Selection: Warby Parker has a lot of great looking frames and you can choose five of your favorites to be shipped to you to try on for a free!
3 – The Experience: Purchasing from Warby Parker is not just a transaction, but an awesome experience. They make the process fun and exciting from start to finish, including email, packaging and any interaction you may have in the journey to that perfect pair of frames!
4 – Look Good and Do Good: For every pair purchased at Warby Parker, a pair will be given to someone in need.

1 – Some Perks Take Time: They say that calling your doctor for your prescription can add four days to your order, but it seemed to add a longer time than that. I would probably call the office myself in the future.
2 – Fit Factor: My glasses arrived fitting very loose and impossible to wear out of the box. I went to a Warby Parker retailer in Philly to have them adjusted, which was a pleasant experience as well, but took away from the convenience factor.

Overall, I would absolutely recommend Warby Parker for purchasing your prescription glasses. I receive compliments on my glasses often and can’t imagine purchasing frames in a store again.

Just hanging out with Chewbacca at Target.
Just me hanging out with Chewbacca at Target… loving my new glasses!

**This post was not sponsored by Warby Parker.


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