Signs Point to Laundry Day

Photo Aug 26, 7 51 40 PMMaking our house feel warm and inviting, while keeping it as unique as we are, remains a constant project for me. I have a bunch of crafty projects and room make-overs in the works right now, but I wanted to share a little project I did on a whim this week.

While perusing Michaels I came across pre-cut pieces of ply-wood. I am gradually getting over my fear of home improvement stores, I was thrilled to see this available at my craft store. The wheels started turning and I decided to transform this piece of wood into a sign for my laundry room, using materials I already had lying around.

I wanted to create a chalkboard, but wanted to add a pop of color with a frame. I sketched out what I had in mind for the shape of it and chose this lovely blue that seems to scream, “Clean laundry!”

Photo Aug 23, 8 09 27 PM

Once the frame and chalkboard were painted on, I outlined the frame very carefully with a Sharpee to make the frame look cleaner.i used a chalk pen to write out Laundry and then went over it again to make the lines thicker.

Photo Aug 23, 10 03 28 PM

Now, here is a perfect example of not every project going according to plan, but how we can adapt to make it work. (I can’t say that without, his honor, Tim Gunn, echoing in my head!)

I had planed to staple-gun some twine to the back to hang it up, but I realized that the ply-wood I bought was way too thin to do this and not ruin the sign. I decided to take a chance and hot-glued the twine to the back–and it worked! It’s been hanging for about a week without any problem.

Photo Aug 25, 8 17 15 PM

I used a coupon for the plywood and already had all of these materials from other projects, so all-in-all, I spent about $7. You could use this project in pretty much any room, using any colors and make it say whatever you like. The possibilities are endless!

Photo Aug 26, 7 51 40 PM

This is the first step toward breathing some life into my dull laundry room and it has definitely made a difference already!


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