A Weekend of Firsts

On the 16th, my husband, Tony, and I celebrated our one year anniversary! I can’t even believe it–the year flew by so fast!


The first anniversary gift is supposed to be *paper*, so I gave Tony tickets for us to see Billy Joel last Thursday at Citizens Bank Park in Philly. Neither of us had seen him before and I thought there was no better time to make that happen.

Photo Aug 13, 9 10 53 PM Photo Aug 13, 8 25 21 PM

I have to say, seeing him live is something magical that you must experience at least once. I can’t even begin to explain how great it was, so I’ll just put the onus on you to make seeing him live happen.

Favorite Moments (this was so difficult!):

  • The day before, Billy’s wife gave birth to their daughter, Dela Rose, and he threw cigars into the crowd.
  • Mr. Joel even played Captain Jack, which he doesn’t do often, and I was over-joyed as it is a personal favorite of mine!

On Friday, we ventured off to Connecticut, a state neither of us has visited. We didn’t have much of a gameplan, other than to check out the Milford Oyster Festival on Saturday. After doing some research, I learned the concerts there are free and they bring in some pretty big acts. This year was sort of a ’90s throwback, with The Rembrandts, Fastball and the Gin Blossoms.Photo Aug 15, 12 39 43 PM


What I Learned:

  • I actually like Oysters. My favorite were the ones they had from Maine, but I couldn’t tell you much more than that.
  • The Rembrandts know everyone is there to hear the Friends theme song and will tease you with it for 45 minutes, until the finale.

On Sunday, Tony gave me his *paper* gift, which was tickets to a Broadway play–which was our first ever. (Are you sensing a theme here?) We took the train from Milford into NYC and saw Hand to God. 

Photo Aug 16, 5 39 55 PM

It was equal parts hilarious and demented and was enormous fun.
PLEASE go see it! And don’t bring the kids.

Before we left Connecticut to return to life in PA, we stopped to check out the beach at Silver Sands State Park.Photo Aug 17, 11 32 12 AMPhoto Aug 17, 11 32 18 AM






I couldn’t have asked for a better anniversary than to spend the entire weekend with my best friend and have a blast!


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