8 Adults, 3 Cans of Bug Spray, 1 Trailer – Adventures in Camping

This past weekend I went on my first camping trip! OK, it was a little closer to glamping than roughing it, but it was a ton of fun either way. My friends and I had casually discussed going to Knoebels a few months ago and I decided to take the reigns to make it happen.

So with my irrational fears of bugs and bears and snakes aside, with my husband and six of our closest friends, we ventured to Catawissa, PA to share a trailer for three days.

Photo Jul 24, 3 55 25 PM

Our trusty trailer and campsite  for the weekend. Does anyone else think the inside looks like Selena’s tour bus in the movie?

Photo Jul 26, 12 16 19 PMPhoto Jul 24, 5 26 15 PM

Here’s the hubs <3…

Photo Jul 25, 5 57 50 PM

Photo Jul 25, 7 00 16 PM

We took this awesome old-school bus to the Knoebels Amusement Park from our campsite. It felt like we were at summer camp! Well, I’ve never actually been to camp, but this is what I imagine from the movies.

Photo Jul 25, 2 38 55 PM

Photo Jul 25, 8 15 02 PM

The only reason I wanted to go to the park was for a waffles and ice cream!Photo Jul 25, 11 45 00 PMI have to say my favorite part of the trip was sitting around the fire with our friends telling funny stories.

After my first camping trip, practical or not, here are my Top 5 “Must Haves” for a happy camper:

1. Bug-spray: Love it or hate it. By the end of the trip I loved to hate it, but I returned home from the trip with one bug bite. That is a personal record for me. Bring on the DEET!

2. String lights: We saved a couple of strings of globe lights from our wedding and they provided the light we needed and all the good feels. I love the soft glow of globe lights!

3. S’mores: OK this may not sound like a necessity, but believe me, there would have been mutiny if we ran out of chocolate! And it’s really fun to throw marshmallows during ghost stories.

4. Pillows from home: Because I am SUPER particular about my pillow.

5. Beverages: Water, beer, a cocktail… whatever you choose, stay hydrated, but have some fun!


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