Welcome to the Coffee Bar!

Those who know me, know that I consider coffee to be a necessity for survival. I am planning to go on my first-ever camping trip this weekend and my biggest concern was not food or shelter. Right next to whether or not I should expect spiders and snakes, my main concern was how we are planning to make coffee on the camp site!

My husband and I moved into our first house this past Spring and I was planning our coffee bar before we even started looking for a house! In fact, I  had pinned many versions to my “For the Home” board on Pinterest for over a year. Once we moved in, I began searching for materials to make it my own.

Photo Jul 21, 8 05 01 PM

Right away I knew I wanted to up-cycle an old cabinet we had neglected and turned into a “catch-all” in our old apartment. This was the bulk of the project, which I will get into great detail in a later post.

Once you have the foundation piece for your coffee bar, you need to decide on the look you want to go for and begin searching for the shelving and other materials to pull it all together. Blogs LC Living and like a saturday were some of my sources of inspiration for this project.

I love the rustic look of the wood and the metal accents. I was able to find the exact shelf I  had envisioned at Hobby Lobby, a store that I do not have near me, nor had I previously stepped foot in. There is a store near my Grammy, so after a 2-3 hour gab-fest with her, I stopped in there to check out the shelf.

It turns out they have certain days where certain materials are on discount. It was a 50% off metal day that day, and I had it in my hands, ready to check out. However, even with the discount, it was about $60. I just could not justify it taking up so much of my budget.

I was back to the drawing board!

After some searching and creative thinking, I decided to keep it simple and went with these rails and hooks and baskets from IKEA, because when all else fails, try IKEA!



Two rails, two baskets and one set of hooks ended up costing me about $30! I saved a lot on cost and was still able to achieve the look I wanted.

One note, I did not realize when I bought them that the baskets do not fit this particular rail. However, that wasn’t something that a pair of pliers couldn’t fix! If you want to avoid this issue you can buy the rail that goes with the basket, though it is not quite as polished, or you can check out this basket that matches the rail. Or even this one if you are adventurous!

For this project you will need screws to attach the rail to the wall and anchors if you are not screwing it into a stud. I needed anchors for the left side of my rails, and knowing I wanted to hang mugs from the top rail, I wanted to be super cautious.

Photo Jul 18, 1 51 24 PM

Using an anchor is something I have never done before, so I searched YouTube. I found this awesome, roughly two-minute video, that simply explains what to do:

Photo Jul 18, 3 19 48 PM

I really took my time with measuring and installing the rails. I decided I wanted the teas and cocoa on the bottom so guests could peruse our selection and the mugs are on top because, honestly, I don’t personally drink out of a mug smaller than my face. So we’ll just let those sit pretty up there for now.

Photo Jul 21, 8 01 02 PM

My main goal for this little coffee station was to make our home feel more welcoming and so when we have out of town guests they can feel free to help themselves to a cup when they get up in the morning.


Photo Jul 21, 8 07 20 PM

I also decided that this coffee bar was the perfect spot for these adorable owl salt & pepper shakers I got from my mother-in-law. I may fill these with other condiments, like cinnamon, or just let them sit here because they are ridiculously cute.

I almost forgot! Eyeing up the chalkboard sign on the wall? It’s actually not a chalkboard. It’s a free printable and you can find it here at Home Cooking Recipes!

You may notice that there is no sugar here. I don’t personally use it, but I plan on adding a little dish and perhaps a chalkboard label for each sweetener. And of course straws, to protect those pearly whites!

Photo Jul 21, 8 05 01 PM

I have to say, it has only been together for a few days and I am absolutely in love with it! Anything else you think I should add? What is on your coffee bar, or “dream” coffee bar?


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